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I coach speakers because I believe that any individual can be a top performer and connect with his or her audience. This happens when a speaker is prepared to the point that fears are removed through individualized preparation. In this way, the speaker can enjoy the moment and present their true, authentic self on stage. As a result of this work, my clients give clear, well-structured presentations that can easily convey complex ideas.

As a graduate of New York's Juilliard School, I was trained as a performer. While my career took me through international stages with various orchestras around the world, the work I've always been most passionate about has been speaking and coaching. I've presented in venues from ivy-league universities such as Yale, Cornell, and Stanford, to international conferences from San Francisco, California to Sofia, Bulgaria. As a coach, I've worked with speakers that range from kids to leaders of arts organizations to TEDx speakers, to Vitra design executives.


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